Change Your Thoughts For A Better You

Why do some people have more self-belief than others? Why do some people ‘get on with it’, while others prevaricate? Is self-belief innate within us, or is it a skill that can be learned? Successful people tend to share a positive mindset. They set personal goals and are quick to take action. Whether it’s CEOs, small business owners or entrepreneurs; business leaders have several core traits in common: first, they are decisive and action orientated; secondly, they set clear, measurable goals; thirdly, even if they don’t always know how they are going to achieve their goal, their expectation is they will find a way.

Break Free From Your Comfort Zone

The comfort zone may feel safe and familiar and as a result it can be easy to get stuck there. However, when you want to make changes in your life there comes a time where you’ll need to be brave enough to step out of the comfort zone and into your stretch zone where you can grow. Below are 7 ways to break free from the comfort zone

6 Ways to Beat Procrastination

Whether it’s completing a project or everyday chores or finishing off something at work, most people are prone to procrastination – even the most productive among us. To be fair, it’s an easy pit to fall into because at the time, it feels so blissful to postpone undesirable responsibilities in favour of doing something more enjoyable instead. Or does it? While many of us might think we’re enjoying what we’re doing in this ‘free time’, it’s possible we might actually just be enjoying not doing what we’re supposed to do and because we’re conscious of that fact the whole time, those tasks can hang over us, making them all the more daunting, making us want to procrastinate even more. It really can be a vicious cycle.